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Baby Shower

For Injured, Orphaned & Sick Baby Wildlife

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April Showers animals to CWCC

Welcome to our Annual Baby Shower!

Over 1,000 wild baby animals are brought to the Carolina Wildlife Conservation Center each year. They are in desperate need of help due to sickness, injury, or being orphaned. This Baby Shower is vital to help us provide care for the babies. Proceeds will be put towards four new incubators and to support the care & rehabilitation of our patients. 

Your participation in our Spring Baby Shower plays a vital role in ensuring that these vulnerable creatures receive the care they need to thrive once again in the wild...

Current number of animals in our care: 188 

Animals saved in 2024: 425

Animals saved since CWCC opened: Almost 9,000 

Currently includes: 60 Virginia Opossum, 44 gray squirrels, 2 red fox kits, 1 gray fox kit, 2 raccoons, 1 groundhog, 2 juvenile beavers

Current Goal: Raise $8,936 for four new life- saving incubators (see below)

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Support the Incubator Fund


How to help...

Name our new Fox Kit


Shop the Wishlist

We need new incubators to save more lives!!!

What is an incubator? 

An incubator is a controlled environment necessary for infant and critical animals. It provides a set oxygen level humidity and temperature which can be the difference between life & death in our patients. 

How will new incubators help to save lives?

The new incubators have their own oxygen concentrator so multiple animals can be on oxygen at once. They have humidity setting which is imperative for the neonate opossums. Their nebulizing components will help with our head trauma patients when we nebulize saline for their brain injuries & the severe pneumonia patients when they get gentamicin nebulized for their lungs. They provide ambient heat to maintenance temperature for shock patients, infants & reptiles. 

What does CWCC have now? 

We are using antiquated & low-tech incubators that are not designed for wildlife. Our incubators now do not hold humidity so we have to use wet rags; they do not have their own oxygen concentrators so we only have one that goes in between them all; they do not have a nebulizer so we have to jerririg nebulizing. Plus, we had a raccoon break out of one during the night and destroy our surgery table cord! 

How much does each cost & how many do you need? 

We are humbly asking for four incubators. Two for our ER room and two for our neonate room. 

Each costs $2,234 

Totaling: $8,936

Pictured below: Our current incubator being labelled not to use because it is dehydrating the babies

Help to Name our new
Red Fox Kit!

On April 4th, an extremely emaciated, lethargic & dehydrated 3-week old red fox kit came to CWCC. He had a big wound to his head, fly strike and was not willing to eat. We feared for a week that we would loose him at any time. Through a dedicated team with 24-hour care and pure will to live, this red fox kit is pulling through despite the odds! 

He needs a name! He is a warrior, fighter, survivor & miracle. What should his name be? 

Donate $5 or more to enter a name into a lottery for the fox kit. All proceeds will be going towards the new incubators and the overall costs to rehabilitate our infant patients. 

Baby Wish List

Paper Towels & toilet paper

Scent- Free laundry detergent & bleach

Miracle Syringes (3mls, 5mls, 10mls)

Trash Bags (13 gallon)

Nuts in the shell

Outdoor Dog Houses

Kibble & rodent block from our wishlist 

Small baby blankets

Four new Incubators!! See below 

Monetary donations towards medications & vet care

Support our

Let’s Work Together

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