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Baby Shower

For Orphaned Wildlife

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April Showers animals to CWCC

Thank you for participating in and choosing a thoughtful gift for animals in need during our Wildlife Baby Shower! Because of you, the most vulnerable animals in our community will have the chance to grow healthy and strong. With nearly 2,000 wild animals relying on us this year, your support is making a lifesaving difference! If you’re still interested in supporting our orphaned wildlife, please visit our Wish Lists to see supplies that are needed year-round.

Let’s Work Together

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Our biggest items in need...

- Nuts

- Formula (Goat's Milk Esbilac, Kitten Milk Replacer by Petag)

- Dog houses for outdoor enclosures 

- Giant cat wheels for the fox + raccoon kits 

- Waterproof tree swing platforms 

- Deer antlers

- Cuttlebone chews 

Nutro Puppy Kibble

- Rabbit Canned food 

- Exclusive Cat Food 

The Center goes through 100lbs of nuts a year!

Nuts! Squirrels, skunks, fox, raccoons, opossums- they all eat nuts! Nuts are a great source of fat and micronutrients. Natural, store-bought, raw, unsalted, in the shell or out of the shell, they eat them all and we go through 100 lbs of nuts a year! Collect them in your yard and drop them off at CWCC or find them on our wish list, there are so many ways to help us feed the animals! 


Support the Formula Fund

We spent $5,084.46 on formula in 2022. It is one of our largest expenses and a necessity to raising over a thousand orphaned wildlife babies a year. It's not mother's milk but they certainly love their formula and it makes the babies grow big and strong!

Help make a difference


Thank you for your donation!

Five fox kits were found huddled up next to their deceased mother on March 29th, 2023. Their den was nearby and the young cubs were observed for a day to see if the other parent was coming back to care for them. During this time, they were getting weaker and seen laying outside of the den in the cold without the will to move, run or hide. Intervention was needed immediately for these tiny fox babies to survive. 
In the short time since they were rescued, the five siblings have made a great turn around. They are actively eating and even starting to play and wrestle. These kits will be rehabbed with us for six months until they can be released back into the wild. 
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