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Roosting bats


Bats are state and federally protect wildlife because of their rapidly declining populations. Therefore, it is against the law to harm a bat or roost of bats even if they are in your home or place of business. We repeat, it is illegal to harm these animals and wildlife officers are cracking down on offenders because of the seriousness that bat species face. Note that some states do not allow the rehabilitation of bats.


Do you hate those pesky mosquitos buzzing in your ears? Well bats can help you with that! Bats can eat 100% of their bodyweights in insects a day, including your nuisance bugs. Although records indicate that less than 0.5% of bats are rabies virus, it is still very important to remain cautious and never handle these animals with bare hands. Safety is a priority so only handle the bat with thick gloves or a blanket. You can also slide a piece of cardboard or plastic under the bat, being careful not to damage the wings. Bats are unable to take off from the ground so if you find a bat on the ground, do not assume automatically that it is ill or injured. Bats can be humanely evicted from dwellings from September 1st-April 31st. Read here on how to humanely evict bats from unwanted places.


Injured Bats

If a bat appears to be injured, please immediately text us a photo to 980-389-1133. A photo is the best way for us to asses the situation. If we confirm that the bat does indeed need to come into care, please use care and caution while containing the bat for transport. Please follow this link to read how to safely secure the bat as well as watch the linked video. 

Please read how to contain a bat here.


Here is a great video to display how to contain the bat.


Orphaned Bat Pups

If you believe a bat to be an orphaned pup, please give the mom the chance to retrieve her baby by leaving it in the location you found it. Do not leave it in direct sunlight as they will get sunburn and dehydrate. If the mom does not return in 12 hours, please begin to look for help by a licensed professional. You can place the pup under a known roost of bats (ie. The eaves of a house).


Never attempt to feed, wash, treat or rehabilitate a bat. You can always text us at photo at 980-389-1133 so we can better assess the condition of the bat pup.

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