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Fox Sightings


If you see a fox during the day, do not assume that it has rabies. Mom fox come out of their den during the day when they have pups. The increase in caloric demand goes up tenfold for a nursing mother. There are not enough hours in the night for her to get all the nutrients she needs or to get the needed hunt in to feed her young, This means that these animals will be seen during the day, it is normal! They will also come out more during mating season.  Fox are also loosing their homes at an exponential rate. Many fox out during the day are looking for a new place to make their den and call home.

Fox DO NOT POSE A THREAT to humans or pets (including cats and dogs) unless they are sick or protecting their young.


If you see these critters acting unusual, such as running is circles, salivating, constant chewing, wobbly or falling over then contact your local animal control.  DO NOT HANDLE these animals.


Orphaned Fox Kits

Baby or juvenile fox will be orphaned when their parents are hit by a car, shot, poisoned or trapped. Place any suspected orphaned kit into a secure container or carrier and contact us immediately. It is illegal to keep wildlife as pets in North Carolina. Fox are not like dogs and make horrible pets. 

Like all wildlife, although the cases are rare, fox have the potential to carry the rabies virus, DO NOT HANDLE these animals and use care and caution when containing them. 


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