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The NC box turtle population is declining due to habitat destruction, being hit by vehicles and the wrongful illegal pet trade. Please do not kidnap wild turtles to make as your pet! Turtles are extremely hard to care for in captivity and we get countless turtles that come into our care with extreme deformities from being wrongfully stolen out of the wild and care for with improper husbandry. 

If you find an uninjured turtle trying to cross the road, simply assist the turtle by moving them to the other side in the direction that they were heading. Please refer to this video on assisting a snapping turtle across the road without injury.

DO NOT relocated them; they know where they want to go and the road just happens to be in their way. If the animal is found in an area that was recently placed under construction, you can put the box turtle in closet tree line of forest or by a water source if it is an aquatic turtle. DO NOT place box turtles in the water as they are the only terrestrial turtles in our area. 


If you find an injured turtle that has been hit by a vehicle, weed eater or lawnmower, chewed on by another animal, or seems ill (eyes swollen shut, large tumors on the head, snot bubbles from the nose), please contact us immediately. DO NOT place the animal in water or wash off any blood as their lungs may be exposed and they can drown. Place the turtle in a box with a towel underneath and bring inside to prevent maggots and bacterial growth. Please contact us immediately. 

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