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Join Our Team

Teamwork and volunteers are a necessary part of CWCC. They give us the ability to continue to grow and save as many animals as possible!

"Act as if what you do makes a does" - William James

Hotline Team

Save lives from your own home. 

On-site volunteer

Make a difference in our community by donating your time to the rescued animals.


Work with native species and gain valuable skills to become a licensed NC wildlife rehabber

Transport Wildlife

Get animals the help they need by picking them up and bringing them to the center

Hotline Volunteer

Hotline volunteers answer our hotline on the computer from the comfort of their own home. Hotline staff will sign in from their own computers and access the hotline through an online website. Volunteers are expected to show up for their four hour shift every week. While this does not require hands on with the animals, hotline volunteers directly save wildlife by being quick to answer and guide calls. All the volunteers are saying this is a very rewarding position. Please fill out the form if you are interested in volunteering with our hotline team.

*Must be knowledgable on using a computer and have reliable internet service


Want to become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator? The state of NC requires all new rehabbers to have a mentor and be an apprentice for one year before being licensed on their own. We are opening up an on-site apprenticeship program to make sure our rehabbers get trained to the highest standards and have in-depth hands on training. This program will be 6 months for 2-3 days a week. Once completing the apprenticeship, you can stay with our team as a CWCC at-home rehabilitator. 

Transport Wildlife

Many times, animals need help and the caller cannot drive to us. Animals will need picked up and brought to our center in Iron Station, NC. Transporters will be notified of an animal needing assistance through our transporter WhatsApp group. Must be rabies vaccinated to pick up rabies vector species. Transporters to have basic materials like welding gloves, a carrier or crate, spare blankets and towels. 

On-Site Volunteer

Spots for on-site volunteers are limited. Must be 18 years or older to apply. Please click the link to read the description and fill out the application form. Include a resume and cover letter and email to

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