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Transport Volunteer

Help wildlife get the help they need by picking up injured and orphaned animals and bringing them to the center. Transport volunteers will be the "ambulance" for wildlife needing help.

Things to know:

  • Once you are approved to join the transport team, you will be added to the CWCC Transport Volunteer WhatsApp group (must download whatsapp to participate)

  • When an animal needs help, it will be posted to the group with location and callers contact information and the first to respond will go get the animal

  • The animal must then be brought right to our center in Iron Station(address provided upon joining)

  • Must be rabies vaccinated to pick up rabies vector animals (fox, skunks, bats, raccoons)

  • Many animals are already in containers but some need to be captured on-site

  • Must have basic equipment like cat & dog carrier, thick towel , blanket and gloves

  • Must be a professional representation of CWCC

Volunteer with Us

Thanks for submitting to be a transport volunteer! We will be in touch soon!

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