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Found Wildlife? Here's What To Do

Step 1

Handle with care and caution
  • Wear gloves and use thick towels, even with the smallest animal

  • NEVER touch an animal with bare hands

  • Use extra caution with skunks, fox, raccoons and bats

  • Place the animal(s) into a secure box immediately

Step 2

DO NOT feed or treat the wildlife

Improper feeding can cause:

  • Bloat

  • Diarrhea

  • Aspiration Pneumonia

  • Death

Wildlife can stand a good amount of time without food or water.

Step 3

Keep the animal stress-free
  • Put the animal in a secure box

  • Place the box in a dark, quiet and warm place

  • Do not handle or keep looking at the animal

  • Stay very quiet and keep pets away

Step 4

Call us immediately!

We run on a voicemail only system. Please leave a detailed voicemail with the animal, the size of the animal, the location found, how long you've had the animal and how you can be reached. You can also text us a photo for a faster response. 

Click on the Species below for specific Information

REMINDER: It is ILLEGAL to keep wildlife without the proper licensing. Wildlife are not meant to be pets and need to be in the wild where they belong. All wildlife has the potential to carry serious disease so it is in the best interest of you, your family, and the animal to get it to a licensed wildlife professional immediately.


Please always contact us if you find an animal in need.

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