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About Us

Carolina Wildlife Conservation Center is a wildlife rescue and sanctuary in North Carolina. 

  • Staffed by state-licensed wildlife rehabilitators

  • Veterinarian on-site

  • Full Surgery Capabilites

  • X-Ray machine on-site

  • Our patients come from all over the state

  • Conservation through rehabilitation 

  • 24-hour care

  • 22 outdoor enclosures

  • 2,400 Sq ft wildlife hospital

  • 105 acres of preserved wildlife land

  • All rescued animals are released back into the wild 

Who is CWCC?

Carolina Wildlife Conservation Center is a place for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife to get the help they need and deserve.

We are a resource for the public to call when they come across a wild animal in distress. 

CWCC is a source of reliable information to keep animals and the public safe as well as teach the value of cohabitating with our backyard wildlife.

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