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November 28th

Dollar for Dollar up to $30,000!!

An international day of Giving 

Giving Tuesday is our biggest fundraising day of the year. It is what defines our next year and ability to grow and take more animals. It is a day where people show their appreciation by giving back to their favorite charity, we hope we are one of yours! 

Giving a little is better than not giving at all; everything helps! 

Thanks to YOU, we've rescued over 8,000 animals across North Carolina

What sets CWCC apart?

CWCC is unique in our ability to intake & treat a diverse range of species, over 30 species each year. Not only do we rescue & rehabilitate a large variety of animals, we also provide care to a large volume of animals, almost 2,000 wild animals each year. 

Conservation through education &  land preservation is at the forefront of our mission. While we currently sit on 105 acres that will never be developed, wildlife needs more sufficient habitat, and our goals include protecting habitats for future generations & wildlife.

We are dedicated and take pride in providing top veterinary care for our patients and we have been blessed with your donations to have proper equipment and personnel to enable their rehab; however, the need for additional hospital equipment and personnel is always a concern to provide the highest level of care. Your contributions allow us to focus on the animals and their welfare. 

Inside the ER Room at CWCC

The ER Room at CWCC contains life saving equipment thanks to our supporters. Our medical equipment includes:

  • Parks Medical Doppler

  • Pulse Oxygen Machine

  • X-Ray Machine

  • Anesthesia Machine

  • Red & Blue light Laser

  • Oxygen Chamber

  • Oxygen Concentrator

  • Blood Lead Level Machine

  • Blood & Urine Centrifuge

  • Microscope

  • Fecal Float tests

  • Sample & Blood Collection 

  • Blood Pressure Cuffs

  • Intubation capabilities for mammals and reptiles

  • Orthopedic Pack

What we've accomplished together...

Dearest Supporter,
From the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you for supporting the rescued wildlife. Wildlife is in need of more help than ever before. Wildlife rescue and rehab is one piece of the puzzle for the steps that need to be made to preserve our wildlife so that many generations can enjoy them for years to come. 

Thank you for being apart of standing with the animals!
*Any check mailed with memo "Giving Tuesday"will be doubled no matter the date received
Please mail to:
The Carolina Wildlife Conservation Center
722 N Ingleside Farm Road
Iron Station, NC 28080
donate givin tuesday

Thank you for supporting the Wildlife this Giving Tuesday!

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