If you see a skunk out during the day, this is not unusual and do not assume it has rabies. It may be foraging for their young. Skunks are not usually aggressive but will spray if feel threatened. If you see a skunk behaving unusual such as aggressive, stumbling, falling, walking in circles, or salivating excessively, call animal control. 

If you see babies without mom for multiple days in a row then they most likely are orphaned and need help. Do not attempt to capture or handle them without talking to a licensed rehabilitator first. 

Skunk mothers are great caretakers of your yard and keep insects under control.


Humane Eviction of Skunks

If you have a family of skunks, they will move on and disperse once they are grown. If you absolutely do not want them around, you can use multiple tools to get them to move on their own. Flashlights, radios, helium balloons, "repel-all" spray, cayenne pepper can all be used to naturally remove the skunks so they move to another location with their family. Please be kind to wildlife, they are running out of safe places to go. They do not want to be around us anymore than we want to be around them.