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Fawn and white tailed Deer

Do not kidnap a fawn! 

Please never assume that a fawn is orphaned. Just like rabbits, does will leave their babies during the day in shrubs, bushes, tall grass to save them from predation. The fawns will rest their tiny legs while the mom forages for the day. If you find a fawn, keep your dog, children and any person away from the fawn. DO NOT FEED OR PET THE FAWN. A fawn in need of rescue will make distressed crying sounds, have flies hovering around them with their ears lying low or are generally too weak to stand or hold up their head. Never attempt to chase or catch a fawn as they are extremely susceptible to stress and can cause capture myopathy which can lead to death. We repeat, DO NOT FEED the fawn! Instead, contact a licensed fawn rehabilitator following the link below. 

Adult Deer

The state does not allow us to rehabilitate adult white-tailed deer. If you find an injured white-tailed deer, please contact the NCWRC at 866-318-2401 to report the location of the deer. A state or district biologist are the only individuals allowed to assist adult deer. 

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