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What Level Wildlife Sponsor are you?

Our monthly sponsors are the beating heart of the rescue. They allow us to work knowing that we will be able to continue to help every animal that walks through our doors. By sponsoring an animal or becoming a Partner with us, you allow us to give uncompromised lifesaving care to all wildlife in need. ANYTHING HELPS! If you cannot commit to a monthly sponsorship, we understand! A one-time donation is more helpful than you will ever know. We truly have a grateful heart for anything that you can give to help us rescue our local wildlife.

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Call Us: (980) 389-1133   |   Business hours: (9am - 9pm)

Due to risk of unwanted animals being dropped unknowingly at our enter,
Please contact for our exact address.

This organization is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt charity organization under the North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act.