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Injured Opossum 

If you have found and injured or orphaned opossum, handle it carefully. Though they are known to freeze and “faint” when feeling threatened, all animals can bite when in times of extreme stress. Use a towel, gloves and a box to contain the opossum. Remember that they can climb so please make sure it is securely contained. All animals that have been in a dog or cats mouth need to come into care even if they appear uninjured. 



Orphaned Opossums

If you have found a baby opossum that is smaller than a dollar bill (not including the tail), contact us. Mom opossum has many babies that she carries on her back, if one falls off, she keeps on walking without noticing and will not come back for the lost baby. 




Photo: Wild at Heart Rescue


If you have found a deceased opossum, always check to see if there are babies in the pouch. Opossums are the only marsupials in North America. Marsupials carry their babies in a pouch as they grow. The babies will be attached to the mom by her teat until they are big enough to climb on her back for a lift. If there are babies, very carefully and slowly pull the babies off of the mothers teat. They might try to grab onto her fur so pull them very gently off avoiding any trauma injury. Listen in the area found for any hissing sounds, them crying, as sometimes babies will be shook off from the trauma or wander off in desperation. Place them in a box on a heat pad set on low under half the box. Keep in a dark and quiet place.  Do NOT feed or handle and call us immediately. 

Why Help Opossums?

Opossums are very critical to our environment and a misunderstood creature. They help your family by killing many snakes including venomous snakes as they are resistant to their bites. They eat pesky ticks that can cause many diseases in you and your pets and eat bugs that can destroy your garden. We thank you for wanting to help out this amazing animal because it helps you every day! 

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