Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Want to really make the biggest impact in wildlife conservation? Become an exclusive partner and get many added benefits!


Silver Partners donate between $1000-$1999 annually.

Silver Partners receive:

  • personalized Silver Partner or company plaque located in the Welcome Center

  • CWCC apparel item

With you silver donation we will be able to improve our level of animal care by purchasing:

  • Portable Aesthetic Unit ($2k)

  • Veterinary grade oxygen chambers and incubators ($1-3k)

  • Species specific formula and food

  • Reptile UVA/UVB bulbs

  • Medications

  • Medical Supplies(we use a lot!)

  • Building supplies for a large 8ftx8ftx8ft outdoor pre-release enclosure($1,200)


Gold Partners donate between $2000-$4000 annually. 


A Gold Partnership Includes:

  • A personalized tour of the wildlife center

  • A gold partner plaque for you or your business in the busy Welcome Center

  • CWCC apparel


Your generous donation will help us improve our wildlife care by helping us purchase:

  • Solar Panels to meet our mission and become eco-friendly

  • Overhead surgical light for delicate and precise procedures

  • Cover the many medical costs including x-rays and surgery time.

  • Parts of donations will be put into a larger fund to purchase more conservation land

  • Food for 3-5 months for the animals of CWCC

  • Commercial grade refrigerators

  • Commercial grade washer and driers


Platinum Partners contribute above $4000 annually. 

Become a platinum partner and receive:

  • a personalized plaque front and center in our busy Welcome Center for you or your business (if you wish)

  • get a bi-yearly post on our social media promoting your business (if you wish)

  • receive a personalized tour of the rehabilitation center along with an exciting ride around the 100

  • name an animal of your choice and receive special updates

  • take home any free apparel that you wish


Your amazingly generous donation with go to buying items that will enable a faster diagnosis, especially with internal injuries and provide treatment that will improve their recovery time.

  • Digital Radiography Equipment

  • K-Laser Therapy Unit

  • Hiring of a full-time wildlife veterinarian

  • Surgery table

  • Anesthesia and intubation equipment

  • A portion will also go towards the purchase of further wildlife conservation properties