If you see a raccoon during the day, do not assume that it has rabies. Mother raccoon comes out during the day when they have babies to care for. The increase in caloric demand goes up tenfold for a nursing mother. There is just not enough hours in the night for her to get all the nutrients she needs or to get the needed hunt in to feed her young, This means that these animals will be seen during the day, it is normal! If you see these critters acting unusual, such as charging at your, salivating, wobbly or falling over then contact your local animal control.  DO NOT HANDLE these animals.

Raccoons are lazy animals and will take advantage of food scraps and pet food that is outdoors. If you do not want them dropping by for a free and easy meal, please remove the food source. Secure all trash cans with a tic tac toe pattern of bungee cords to ensure the raccoons stay out of the trash. If you find raccoons trapped in dumpsters, you can place a large branch, piece of wood or ladder for them to use to climb out. 

Baby raccoons are often orphaned because of the removal of their mother by wildlife exterminating companies. There are many ways to humanely remove raccoons. Baby raccoons are VERY loud when they are hungry so removing their mom will not leave you a happy camper. Mother raccoons are great caretakers and will fight for her babies to come back to her until the very end, she will never abandon them. If the mother is in your attic or home, you can close up the hole and put the babies outside in a box for her to retrieve. If you have found a baby on the ground and it is not injured or covered in flies, keep an eye on it for the next 12 hours for the mother to come and retrieve. 

Like all mammals, raccoons can catch the rabies virus. NEVER handle these animals unless you are using the proper protection like thick gloves and a thick towel to relocate the babies outside for the mother to retrieve.