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They need us. We need you.

We save thousands of sick, orphaned, and injured animals per year - over 6,000 animals since opening in 2019. We are not funded by any state or local governments and run solely on the generosity of fellow animal-lovers. All proceeds go directly towards the care and running of the Wildlife Center.


We are incredibly grateful for your generosity and care for wildlife.

Wildlife Needs your help

We have rescued over 6,000 wild animals since opening in 2019. We take in and provide care for over 30 different native N.C. species.


We provide top of the line care to our rehab patients including access to a veterinarian, onsite surgery and x-ray, and a state-of the art rehab facility.

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Many of our orphaned animals are released on our 105 acre conservation property. Adult animals and turtles are always released back where they were found. 


While we are grateful for our 105 acres, it is far from enough! Our goal is to acquire more conservation land to keep wild and free for generations to come.

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Thank you for your support!

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