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"He who is kind to animals heaven will protect"

-Gautama Buddha

Honoring an important member of our wildlife team, 

Matt Pierce

A lover of all creatures of this earth.

Matt spent countless days helping at the Wildlife Center. He himself rescued many animals, including an opossum on Christmas Eve.

He could never let any creature suffer even if it meant chasing it through the woods in the pitch black of the night.

Matt was constantly involved in the growth of Carolina Wildlife. He was the first to volunteer when projects needed multiple hands or master carpentry skills. Him and his son, Ryder, enjoyed fishing on the farm and bonded over learning about the caring of our wildlife. 

We believe that Matt is now the  protector of the animals and land. Our angel will have a hand on all of the wildlife and will shine heaven, protect and make miracles happen for the rescued animals every day. 

To honor Matt...

...his family invites everyone to donate to help save the wild

animals that he cared about so deeply. The collected funds will

be used to build an enclosure dedicated to Matt's beautiful soul. 


We love you,Matt!

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