Mangy Fox Project

Have you ever seen an animal in your neighborhood that you aren't quite sure what it is? With patchy fur or fully hairless? Most likely, this is a red fox with mange. Mange is a mite that buries deep into the hair follicle causing hair loss, emaciation, secondary bacterial infections and ultimately death. It is an extremely curable disease which is why we started the Mangy Fox Project. Mange effects hundreds of red fox in our area and we are determined to do our best to not let any animal continue to suffer from this horrific disease.


If left untreated, it may take a fox up to 9 months to die. Red fox very rarely can overcome this disease on their own.

How the Fox Project Works

Know of a fox with mange? Call our hotline and leave a voicemail, 980-389-1133. Your information will be given to our Mangey Fox Project Manager, Vickie. She will call you and discuss the plan of action for the fox. She will go over all the details on mange and how we will treat the animal on-site using intense monitoring techniques and behavioral knowledge of the animal and species. You will work with Vickie to get the fox medicated and you'll be able to see them get better right before your eyes! 

After a severe outbreak of mange, a red fox population can take as long as 15-20 years to recover




Why can't you trap and bring the fox into the center?

With over 90 calls in the last two years for fox with mange, this would be impossible. Fox are also extremely smart and difficult to trap. When in captivity, wild animal's cortisol, or stress hormone, radically increases, this decreases the immune system and animals ability to heal. By keeping them in their natural habitat, we can heal them faster while keeping their stress low and letting them maintain their territory. 

How do we know the fox gets the medication?

Vickie, our Fox Project Manager, has done hundreds of hours of in depth research to determine the most reliable way to medicate the mangey fox. Through intense on-site camera monitoring, we will learn the fox's behaviors, they are creatures of routine. Once we know their schedule, Vickie will be a guide on exactly when to put the food out. Medicating the fox will be confirmed through the camera trap footage.

Will the fox hurt my dogs?

No! Fox weigh about 14 pounds at their maximum and are not a threat to your dogs, cats or children. The medicated food is put out at exactly the time for the fox and therefore, pets schedules will be able to work around the fox's medicating time. 

Once mange hits a red fox population, their numbers will decrease by 95% in just two years 

Save Fox, Make a difference

With over 70 calls for mangey fox in less than a year, we need your help! Calls come from all over NC. 

Fox Project volunteers will:

  • Help set up feeding stations

  • Monitor camera data and share with the fox project manager

  • Need the ability to go to the project site every day for a minimum of two weeks 

Once you apply, we will contact you if a fox project comes into your area. We will send you all the supplies necessary to set up and manage the site. 

Volunteer With the Mangy Fox Project

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.